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Brief Statement of Faith

We believe in God the Father. He is the Creator, Preserver and Sustainer of the whole creation.

We believe in Jesus Christ, He, as true God and true man, came into the world to be the Redeemer of the human race. He died on the Cross to pay for our sins and rose from the dead so we could have everlasting life with God.

We believe in the Holy Spirit. He regenerates every believer by affecting genuine repentance and a saving faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. The Holy Spirit is working in the lives of believers to empower and give gifts to be used to the benefit of the Body and the expansion of the Kingdom.

We believe the Christian Bible is divinely inspired and is God's infallible Word. We submit to this as the only infallible authority in all matters of life and faith.

We believe Jesus will return to earth in bodily form to take us into His perfect Kingdom.