Shoebox Ministry


Christmas List (what we need):

Toothpaste (travel size) - 300

Socks (all white) - 300

5x7" Notepads - 300

Small Game Booklets - 300

Christian Book (paperback) - 300

Bags of Snacks (small) - 300

Bibles - DONE

Testimonies  - DONE




The Shoe Box Ministry is designed to give hope and encouragement to people in jail during Christmas by showing them the love of Christ.


We are collecting 300 units of each item on the list to gift wrap in shoe boxes and give to the inmates of the Delaware County Jail on Christmas. The items still needed are plain, white socks (no colors, words or stripes); 5" x 7" notepads (they cannot be any larger) without a metal binding or staples; toothpaste (travel size); small puzzle books (no metal); individual sized bags of snacks.


In December join the team at The River to pack and wrap the shoe boxes to deliver to the Delaware jail.


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