Kroger Plus Card Donations

Look After Orphans


April is the Only Sign-up Month

Kroger sponsors a program that allows customers to donate a percentage of their purchase to a non-profit organization by using their Plus Card when they check out. When you sign up for this program on the Kroger website and select Orphan Outreach to receive a percentage of your grocery purchase, Orphan Outreach sends the money to countries around the world to support orphans. There is no additional charge to your bill, Kroger donates a portion of your total purchase. So you are able to take care of children that would otherwise have no hope without spending any extra money.

- Buy Groceries

- Support Orphans

- No Cost to You

- Sign Up Once Every Year

The sign up period to link your Kroger Plus Card to the Orphan Outreach program is in April. There are only a couple weeks every year to sign up on the Kroger website for this program that will help feed, cloth and educate orphans around the world, so make sure to sign up and then just use your Plus Card when making purchases at Kroger.


How to Sign Up:

  • If you do not have an account from previous years, please create one.
  • Choose Orphan Outreach as the organization you would like to support.


Please note: Sign Ups Must be Completed by the End of April

Download and Print PDF with Instructions