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Prophecy by Jesus SERIES Prophecy by Jesus

How Do we Know the Bible is True: Message 5
October 9 2016

Messianic Prophecies SERIES Messianic Prophecies

How Do we Know the Bible is True: Message 5
October 2 2016

Prophecy and Israel SERIES Prophecy and Israel

How Do we Know the Bible is True: Message 4
September 25 2016

How We Got the New Testament SERIES How We Got the New Testament

How Do we Know the Bible is True: Message 3
September 18 2016


How Do We Know the Bible is True?

Follow the evidence


The original big fish story


Generations ministry

Chain Breakers

He brought them out of darkness and gloom and broke their chains apart. Psalm 107:14

Books of 1st & 2nd Peter

The writings and teachings of the Apostle Peter.

The Word Became Flesh

Where God and humans intersect, and how it changes history and us.

The Holy Spirit

Learn who the Holy Spirit really is and how to tap the power.

Book of James


Look What God Has Done

Stories of amazing grace.

DNA of a Disciple

Multiplication, not addition.

On a Mission from God

Acts 10:43 (NLT) —[Jesus] is the one all the prophets testified about, saying that everyone who believes in him will have their sins forgive

The Real Story of Christmas

Christmas beyond the hype.

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

What Thanksgiving really means.

How to Make Life Better

Make Life Better

Light Invades Darkness

Should you be Transmogrified? What is the Mystery of Christ? How is the Holy Spirit involved? All these questions and more are answered

Dynamic Messages

A variety of topics are covered in a passionate and knowledgeable manner.

Discovering the Master on the Ancient Road

Prophecy in the Old Testament fulfilled by the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Supernatural Zone

Kingdom Intelligence

Good News

The Christmas Story

Hot Topix

Critical issues facing Christians today.